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We inspire with reliability, competence and zest for life

A day like in a fairy-tale. All eyes are on the radiant bride and groom. Tessa & Thomi will make sure that your big day will be a unique experience. We offer an all-round service, from the first fitting to matching accessories and the finishing touches on the wedding day. What could be better than accompanying happy people as they prepare for their big day! The beaming faces of our customers are our greatest reward. This and the numerous thank-you cards we receive after the big event encourage us to keep perfecting our service. We give our very best for your wedding.


For the best result

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Exceptional design begins with professional advice in stylish surroundings…

… and ends with clothing that is individually tailored to the person. The focus is on you as a unique person with your individual personality, figure, appearance, and tastes. Our aim is to compile a hand-picked, diverse but exclusive range for you from the huge selection every year.

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A trained employee accompanies you before, during and after the purchase.

We offer you comprehensive advice, as far as we feel competent to do so – even beyond the wedding. You can rely on the support of a specially trained and experienced consultant to help you choose your dream dress.

She knows our range, has a trained eye for which cuts suit you and gives you honest feedback. For us, consulting does not primarily mean selling, but making our customers happy and satisfied and finding the perfect wedding dress together.

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For us, quality in our range and studio also means honesty and transparency in our dealings with our customers.

We inspire with reliability, competence, and zest for life. Our shop fittings are testimony to our quality standards.

This value not only reflects our range, our advice, and the service of our in-house studio, but it also stands for honesty, respect and helpfulness in dealing with you, our valued customers, as well as employees and suppliers.

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Tessa & Thomi believes in fair prices.



Unique design, professional advice and quality service come at a price, but they don’t have to be expensive. We want to offer you the best value for money, from the price of our dresses to the jewellery and customisation.

In doing so, we rely on net prices. We do not distribute vouchers, nor do we give discounts. We stand by our prices because we consider them fair to you, to us and to our employees. See for yourself!


For your own fashion show

Large fitting area just for you and your loved ones! In a modern, timeless atmosphere, we look for your perfect dress – with cosy seating areas for your companions. You can try on all our dream dresses in private. And a glass of sparkling wine or a beer to toast the successful purchase is of course also available!
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For your own fashion show

At Tessa & Thomi, you can choose your favourite piece from a wide range of different models. So that the choice does not become overwhelming, we have made a select pre-selection for you. At international trade fairs and on excursions to Barcelona, Amsterdam, and London, we track down the latest trends, explore the tried and tested and recognise the recurring. Always on the lookout for the perfect fit and the perfect interplay of fabric and colour for your own personal choice.
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Accessoires & Extras

For the perfectly polished look

To perfect your outfit, we like to complement it with exquisite accessories such as veils, embroidered denim jackets or masks, cufflinks, shoes, cork or wooden bow ties, ties, braces, necklaces, earrings, tiaras and much more. Tessa & Thomi: “Vo z’obarscht bis z’untarscht, vo z’innarscht bis z’ussarscht” (Grisons dialect!) (“Everything your heart desires”)
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